Will Truran

Has been working as a graphic designer since 2010. During this time he has ran his own clothing brand, worked in a small agency as a UI/UX designer, developed large format displays for Tylenol and Band-Aid, designed t-shirts for Harley-Davidson, as well as ran his own studio where he has helped many small brands develop their aesthetic. He finds enjoyment in designing creative solutions to aid in better communicating his client's core message. Outside of design he enjoys rock climbing, snowboarding, going to the movies, and playing Dungeons and Dragons.

About this site

This site began as a 24hr experiment, in which a concept was designed and developed. I wanted to create a site that was experience focused, with usability being a 2nd concern. I hope you have been enjoying your time clicking around and exploring the different pages.

It was developed and designed by myself. I modeled and animated the 3D forms in Cinema4D.