was a first-semester project in the Visual Communication program at Rochester Institute of Technology. The assignment was to come up with a TV show concept, create a wordmark for it, and then create a title sequence for the show. I utilized Illustrator, After Effects, and Cinema4D for this work. Gag Me With A Spoon is a fictional dark comedy set in the 80s that follows a group of high-school students after they discover a murdered classmate. They spend each episode trying to find who did it and explore the depths of pain high school students experience. The first step was to select a typeface that would be the catalyst for the project. I knew I wanted the typeface to have existed and been used in the 80s and eventually landed on Avant Garde. I then started to experiment with drawing shapes that mimicked the shapes found in Avant Garde, but with a neon sign aesthetic. This even extended into a custom type face that was used to create the credits portion of the title sequence.

Colors were then chosen and the final wordmark was recreated in Cinema4D utilizing Arnold render. Each tube has 2 elements. A light mesh, that glows and ads the color, and the glass tube, that refracts the glow and reflects the surrounding lights.
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It first needs to work in black & white


Custom Typeface

3D Logo Render

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