is my favorite dice company and when assigned a rebranding project at Rochester Institute of Technology I knew I wanted to explore the potential this brand had.

About the Company

Chessex is a company that has enabled story telling at the table for over 30 years. Armies clashing over a field, Heroes delving dungeons, Chessex Was There!

Chessex is a prominent dice manufacturer and a household name when it comes to tabletop gaming, but the branding doesn’t properly represent the mastery that goes into their products. While confronting a Beholder or pushing an army into battle Chessex helps tell the story.

About the Project

This project was apart of my class work at Rochester Institute of Technology. It was not requested by Chessex, was not paid for by them, and is nothing more than a personal project for a brand I respect.


The beautiful typeface used for the logo was designed by friend, Jason Carne, and is called CAPSTONE.


Their current packaging is a single color print on colored paper. I believe allowing the products to introduce the color makes room for a consistent brand aesthetic that can be applied to many different product lines.

Point of Purchase Display

I purchase all of my Chessex Dice in local game store, and would assume for many that is how they experience Chessex. With that I redesigned their point of purchase display. Both versions will stand out among their competitors and easily pull eyes from their competitors.

Wholesale Catalog

A wholesale catalog can be designed so it is gladly kept out for everyone to see Keeping the branding consistent is as important to the materials facing their wholesale customers as it is for those purchasing personal use. These dice icons and the refined color pallet make graphics that communicate value, but don't require high quality photography.

Assorted Collateral

I hope by looking at all of the images within this deck, it is apparent how well this rebrand can be applied to items as big as billboards, but as small as a business card, and of course... tote bags.

➕ Project Info

It first needs to work in black & white


Logo & Tagline





Digital Sketches