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Will Truran

I have been working as a commercial artist, concentrating on graphic designer since 2010. During this time I ran my own clothing brand, worked in a small agency as a UI/UX designer, developed large format displays for Tylenol and Band-Aid, designed tshirts for Harley-Davidson, aided P&G develop tech-based home advancements, as well as worked out of my own studio where I have helped many small brands develop their aesthetic. Most recently I have accepted a role as Assistant Professor of Graphic Design at Old Dominion University and run my studio out of Norfolk Virginia. Outside of design I enjoy rock climbing, snowboarding, going to the movies, playing Dungeons & Dragons, and creating content with the Mof1 Network.
Gif of Will Truran posing and hitting himself
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is a project that encompasses a captivating series of animated posters designed in a Futuristic User Interface (FUI) style reminiscent of the immersive interfaces seen in science fiction films. The primary aim is to bridge the gap between our contemporary achievements, often overlooked in the hustle and bustle of today's world, and the allure of a blockbuster summer movie. I firmly believe that through attention-grabbing posters, NASA and other space organizations can rekindle the sense of wonder that once enthralled children during the historic moon landing era.

The poster creation process begins within Adobe Illustrator, where meticulous drawings and precise positioning lay the foundation, all while keeping motion in mind. Subsequently, these artworks are imported into After Effects, where they are brought to life with dynamic animations and an additional layer of captivating effects. Additionally, my workflow now incorporates Blender, a powerful tool that allows for the creation of immersive scenes, enriching the storytelling aspect of each poster with added depth and dimension.


Zine cover on green table
Static Poster showing the Dart Mission Impact Static Poster showing a vintage looking radio interface Static Poster with Viking 1 Lander in the center

Searching for Savanna

is a personal style exploration, utilizing the article Searching for Savanna by Pacific Standard . The article covers the topic of missing and murdered Native American women. I am thankful for publications that will write hard hitting and educational articles like this one. Written by Mona Gable and originally published by Pacific Standard. Both the font, public sans, and columned layout symbolize the cold and authoritative nature of the government’s role. The illustrations feel violent as they break through the layout like those raising their voices for the killed and missing. The illustrations compliment the writing. Each based off a person or event that brought intense meaning and purpose into this piece.


Zine cover on green table
Close up of texture Illustration of truck sinking in lake
Title page
Spread featuring buffalo head illustration Spread featuring horse head illustration
Spread featuring large copy and small bird


Illustration of a thunder bird
Illustration of a pair of scissors
Illustration of a sewing machine
Illustration of a rope with an evidence tag
Illustration of a woman
Illustration of a horse head
Illustration of a buffalo head
Illustration of a corn husk doll


is a project I started with my brother. At its core, it is serving as an outlet for our nerd interests. Through it, we are creating products like Dungeons and Dragons accessories and original board games.


Roleplaying Games Game Design Cards & Dice Illustration Interactive Design Print Design




The illustrations for Deep Space Here We Come were done by Jake Romano.


Spell Dice

An original spelling game where players spend points to buy dice with letters on them, they then roll their dice to see which letters they can use to spell a word to earn more points. It's a new experience based on traditional principles. A game that combines chance and knowledge. In addition to developing the game and designing the packaging, I am also developing a mobile first companion site which will hold the rules and provide a way of digitally keeping track of your score.

Deep Space, Here We Come

An original co-op board game where you play as the crew of a transport vessel that is falling apart. Save your ship, before you’re hopelessly plunged into space and your alien cargo escapes.

Potions & Liquids

A digital Print & Play card set that will help your 5E players keep track of the abilities and usage of the items you are giving them. They contain unique illustrations, stats, and dice requirements. You can purchase the set on DMS Guild.

Spells & Cantrips

A digital Print & Play card set that will help your spell casters quickly see what spells they have available. Each card is uniquely illustrated and available in 2 themes, Lawful and Evil.

Beast Cards

A digital Print & Play card set that will help with random encounters and provide the stats a druid needs when changing into a beast.


stack of cards with an illustration of a hand casting a spell


2 Rocs roman numeral in circle logo
2 Rocs stainglass lettering logo
2 Rocs stacked logo with potions and decorative elements
green color bar beige color bar

Spell Dice

card with hand casting a spell
card with hand casting a spell

Deep Space Here We Come

card with hand casting a spell
Illustrations by Jake Romano
card with hand holding a blob

DnD Potion Cards

Card for Philter of Love Card for Acid Card for Animal Friendship Card for Potion of Healing
Photo of healing potion card Photo of multiple cards on character sheet Photo of multiple cards next to dice

DnD Spell Cards

card with hand casting a spell card with skeleton hand appearing card with hand holding a blob
card with information for Dancing Lights card with information for Chill Touch card with information for Acid Splash
card with handing pointing up card with finger pointing and a wire wrapped around it card with hand magically appearing
card with information for True Strike card with information for Message card with information for Mage Hand
front and back of Animate Dead Card front and back of Scroll of Feeblemind Card front and back of Ring of Invisibility Card
front and back of Scroll of Thaumaturgy Card front and back of Speak With Animals Card front and back of Hold Person Card

DnD Beast Cards

Card of a bunny with a unicorn horn Card of a Giant Elk Card of a bear
Card of a Giant Badger Card of a Giant Centipede Card of a Poisonous Snake

Assorted Graphics

Dwarven hammer in shield
Logo for Deep Space Here We Come
Skull Die that says Roll or Die
A blade coming out of a torch


is a podcast I started with my brother Dan Truran and friends Zach Wilkinson and Courtney Leach. The Mof1 Network picked up the show. There it continued with myself, Patrick Hill, Andrew Sale, Tracie Ching, and Rae Torres.


Podcast Actual Play Album Art Streaming Motion Design Branding


YouTube Instagram


Our podcast is where design nerds go to get nerdy. In each episode, the main crew plays DnD, often alongside a guest designer.


The branding has had to evolve as the show transitioned from audio, to video, to live streaming. Though the core marks stayed consistent, their application and supporting materials had to adapt to the new stories being told.

Twitch Frames

Trying to stay ahead of the curve has meant continual growth and pushing our presentation to match the standards of the designers involved. The intent is for our animated frames add value and interest for our viewers.


Telling an audio story through visuals is a great way to expand the experience and bring it to new platforms, like Instagram.


Official wordmark

Logos & Album Art

Alternate logo ampersand in hexagon Lathander's Ring Logo Alternate pen tool in D20
Social Post Campaign 2 album art Campaign 2.5 album art

Streaming Frames

Animated Streaming Frame
Streaming Frame

Illustrations & Renders

Man sitting hold staff, that has a weasel on it.
Man firing pistols with spherical droid flying above him.
Renders of Neon tubes
Renders of Neon tubes
Renders of Neon tubes


Acrylic pin of ampersand logo with dice behind it.
Pile of stickers
Custom character sheets for Campaign 2
Postcard coming out of red envelope.


is working towards impacting their community. With their programs that range from substance recovery, therapy, and food drives we can see great change coming from their open doors. Their location in Totowa, New Jersey allows easy access to areas needing help like Paterson. My work for them has included a wide variety of mediums and topics, with only a small segment represented here.


Church Non Profit Branding Print Design Social Content Environment Design





Branding for Emergence is unlike any other company or brand I've worked with. I am almost always creating logos for a one day event or series of events spanning only a handful of months. This requires a system that is not only relatable, but also attention grabbing.

The logos are often replicated on t-shirts, wall graphics, projections, or postcards. The versatility of each logo is tested when projected 5ft wide on a wall or 2in tall on a postcard.


Shirts, posters, printed collateral, and so much more. Print is not dead, the impact of a physical item still holds power. Most projects for Emergence end up in a physical form.


Social media is not only a great way to communicate ideas. It can build off of the experiences people are having in person. This allows the audience to experience a concept in person and have it follow them for days or prepare them for an event down the road.


One of my favorite things to do with Emergence is their large format installations. I work with them from concept to creation. The Elijah/Elisha consisted of hundreds of cut pieces of paper stuck to the wall with thousands of pins. This created a dimensional art piece people were excited to take pictures against.


Photo of Will Truran installing a large cut paper mural


Discover Emergence logo
Dove with rays
Winter Retreat crest logo
Revelation lock up with snake being stabbed
Revelation word mark
Rev condensed logo
1st Samuel logo
The True King badge
2nd Samuel logo
Chi Rho badge
Equipped stainglass logo with engraved flourish
baptism Shield
Eclipse projected art

Icons Sets

Easter icon set
Assorted Church icons in circles

Printed Materials

Discover Emergence Booklet
Elijah & Elisha postcard
Missions 2018 postcard
Equipped books stacked showing cover


Large cut paper mural


is a project exploring how fast food and takeout is not only impacting our physical health, but the health of our environment. Each poster started by scanning the packaging of each meal and then collaging it within Photoshop. This body of work was brought together as a zine, printed and hand bound in my apartment.


Zine Scanned Imagery DIY Book Binding



During the height of Covid I was living in Upstate New York. The lockdown was strict and I found myself eating a growing amount of food from a drive through. I then moved to Nebraska where the situation became even more dire. As I put on weight, I also found myself under a mountain of wrappers and napkins. In that moment I realized my actions were not only effecting my health, but also my environment.


Each poster, that would later become the contents of the zine, started by eating a meal. I would then proceed to clean off the packaging of grease and mustard. Those materials were then brought to a scanner where I manipulated the position and rotation of each object as the scanner proceed to capture it's image. The last step was bringing the distorted imagery into Photoshop where I created each composition.


I wanted the zines to have an impact that would stop the viewer and make them think about what they were consuming. To accomplish this, I separated a handful of the posters into to layers, printing one on paper and the other on a semi transparent vellum. This allowed the user to manipulate the images in the same ways I manipulated the scanning process. Finally a striking red waxed thread bound the zine.


YAWYENGLII Cover in trash


Distorted poster of McDonald's packaging Distorted poster of Taco Bell packaging Distorted poster of Culver's packaging
Distorted poster of Chick-fil-a packaging Distorted poster of Freddy's packaging Distorted poster of Runza packaging
Spread with two posters Spread showing example of vellum overlay Spread showing contents
Distorted poster of Slim Chicken packaging Distorted poster of Noodles and Company packaging Distorted poster of Daves Famous BBQ packaging
Distorted poster of Dunkin' packaging Distorted poster of Wendy's packaging Distorted poster of Panera packaging
Distorted poster of Dairy Queen packaging Distorted poster of Chipotle' packaging

Process Videos


is poster series with the goal of breathing new life into old concepts. They needed to grab eyes from a distance and attract younger audiences. All with the goal of conveying important facts about the Holocaust.


Holocaust History Poster Design Infograph Typography


Jewish Virtual Library



When deciding what historical topics to choose, the Holocaust stood out as particularly relevant. I focused on the Identification cards Jews were forced to carry and the incomprehensible amount of deaths that occurred in the concentration camps. It is as important as ever to be reminded of the evils we are capable of and strive to fight against them.


Historical materials do not need to feel as if they came out of a text book. They should encourage further inspection and evoke a need to learn more. I utilized bold type and data driven compositions to create imagery that would stop passersby.


large holocaust poster installed over staircase


Cropped photo of Holocaust Poster


People walking by Holocaust poster


is a depository for branding projects that ended with the mark. Even though they might not be able to fill out their own page, here are a handful of logos I enjoyed creating.


Branding Logos Podcasts Churches Artists


Represented Clients

Noble Folk Design Group, Gracepoint Gospel Church, Solid Foundation, Bill Truran, C.724, Ferrum Creative, The Shots For Likes Podcast, Live Construction Site. ReSalt, Labyrinth, C 907


is a depository for branding projects that ended with the mark. Even though they might not be able to fill out their own page, here are a handful of logos I enjoyed creating.


Noble Folk Design Group logo
G Kids logo
Solid Foundation Dodge Ball event logo
Bill Truran Productions logo
C.724 logo
Global Exposure show concept logo
The Shots For Likes Podcast logo
Medieval Tower in shield LCS logo concept
reSalt logo
Fox logo
Labyrinth minotaur logo
Church 907 logo


Photo of the 2-12-15 installation hanging on a wall

2-12-15 Installation
Screenprinting on Orange Canvas

Beheaded man in jumpsuit graphic


Broken glass in boot print. Man's face in one lense and noose in the other.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Illustration of knife cutting through material

Jacques Hamel

Photo of the 4-9-45 installation printed on a pair of glasses

4-9-45 Installation
Screenprinting on the Lenses of Glasses

Syringe exploding with bullet cutting through the center

International Assistance Mission

A car with a bomb and bullets raining from above

Father Ragheed

A nun with a Jewish star on her chest

Edith Stein

5-26-17 Printed on broken glass

5-26-17 Printed on Broken Glass

Close up of 5-26-17 Printed on broken glass

5-26-17 Detail Photo


is a A HARDCORE-LOVING STRAIGHT EDGE-LIVING GUIDE TO NON ALCOHOLIC BAR OPTIONS. It's a passion project I started to combine two big parts of my life. Illustration & being straight edge. The above is one of three videos and one of eight recipes that I illustrated and compiled recipes for.


Beverage Mocktails Illustrations Content Creation Video





Honestly, I was jsut fed up with how bougie people were trying to make being sober. So I made a silly project to bring it back to my roots in sobriety, the hardcore music scene.


There are 8 recipes ranging from stirring some syrup into soda, to full fledged mixed drinks. In addition, to written directions some have videos showing the process to aggressive tunes.


Photo of pink coasters that have 3 drinks illustrated on them


Roy Roger


  • Cola
  • Splash of Grenadine
  • Maraschino cherry


  1. Nearly fill glass with Cola
  2. Pour in Grenadine
  3. Stir
  4. Optional: Top with Maraschino cherry


  • Highball
Illustration of a Roy Roger drink



  • Lime Juice
  • Powdered Sugar
  • Torn Mint Leaves
  • Club Soda
  • Whole Mint Leaves


  1. Mix 1 cup Lime Juice and 1/3 Cup Powered Sugar until dissolved
  2. Mix in pinch of torn mint leaves
  3. Mix in Club Soda
  4. Place Ice Into Empty Cup And Pour Mixture Over It
  5. Optional: Garnish with Whole Mint Leaves


  • Rocks

Illustration of a Lime Mint Soda

St. Clement's


  • Orange Juice
  • Bitter Lemon
  • Orange or Lemon Slice


  1. Fill glass half way with Orange Juice
  2. Fill remaining glass with Bitter Lemon
  3. Stir
  4. Optional: Top with Slice of Orange or Lemon


  • Collins
Illustration of a St. Clement's drink



  • Apple Cider
  • Ginger beer


  1. Add 5oz Apple Cider
  2. Add 2.5oz Ginger Beer
  3. Stir
  4. Optional: Top with Slice of Apple


  • Chalice or Highball
Illustration of a Brown Pelican drink



  • 510mg Activated charcoal (two 260mg capsules)
  • 1oz Honey syrup (one part honey, one part water)
  • 1 3⁄4 oz Fresh lime juice
  • 2 1⁄4 oz Beet juice
  • Slice of lime


  1. Pulverize charcoal capsules, removing the outer layer
  2. Mix the powered charcoal with the honey syrup, should become black
  3. Add honey syrup mixture with the juices in a shaker
  4. Shake well and strain into a rocks glass, we recomend using a single large cube or sphere of ice.
  5. Optional: Top with Slice of lime


  • Rocks
Illustration of a Black Magic drink



  • 1⁄4 oz Grenadine
  • Ginger Ale
  • Optional: Maraschino cherry


  1. Nearly fill glass with ice
  2. Add grenadine
  3. Fill with ginger ale
  4. Optional: Garnish with a cherry


  • Hurricane
Illustration of a Shirley Temple drink



  • 1 oz Grenadine
  • 1⁄2 oz Orange juice
  • 1⁄2 oz Lemon juice
  • 2 oz Club Soda


  1. Pour both juices and genadine into a shaker
  2. Fill shaker with ice
  3. Slowly added club soda and gently tip shaker back and forth
  4. Strain into a glass, preferably a chilled Coupe glass
  5. Optional: Garnish with an orange twist


  • Coupe
Illustration of a Hera's Crown drink



  • Lime Juice
  • Coconut Syrup
  • Dr. Pepper
  • Lime Wedge
  • Half & Half


  1. Fill glass 3/4 with half cube or crushed ice
  2. Nearly Fill glass with Dr Pepper
  3. Pour in 4 tablespoons of Lime Juice
  4. Add 2 tablespoons coconut syrup
  5. Slowly mix
  6. Optional: Add a splash of half and half
  7. Optional: Garnish with Lime Wedge


  • Mason Jar
Illustration of a Dirty Dr. Pepper drink


and let everyone know! This page includes two projects. The first being an infograph providing many details around the vehicles within the franchise. The second project builds off of the first and was a daily study of the User Interfaces found in the films and shows. I then took this study and assembled a poster.


Star Wars UI FUI GUI Illustrations Vector Infograph Plotter





This was both an overly in-depth love letter to a franchise I've loved for near 30 years, as well as a way of finding new ways to consume media I've memorized. The UI study showed me how the latest films took inspiration from the original trilogy, how the prequels were being influenced by media around their release, and how the shows are now taking the previous UIs and reimagining them, but also build new aesthetics for their new stories.


The infographic presents the data as if it were being shown through a ship's interface. This aesthetic propelled me into the UI series. The materials all take advantage of a mono line illustration style.


Star Wars print hanging on a black wall

The Infographic

Vehicles of Star Wars poster
Top left corner of the Vehicles of Star Wars poster
Top right corner of the Vehicles of Star Wars poster
Bottom left corner of the Vehicles of Star Wars poster
Bottom right corner of the Vehicles of Star Wars poster

The UI Study

star wars UI poster
star wars UI example
star wars UI example star wars UI example star wars UI example
star wars UI example star wars UI example star wars UI example
star wars UI example star wars UI example star wars UI example
star wars UI example star wars UI example star wars UI example
star wars UI example star wars UI example star wars UI example
star wars UI example star wars UI example star wars UI example
star wars UI example star wars UI example star wars UI example
star wars UI example star wars UI example star wars UI example
star wars UI example star wars UI example star wars UI example
star wars UI example star wars UI example star wars UI example
star wars UI example star wars UI example star wars UI example
star wars UI example star wars UI example star wars UI example
star wars UI example star wars UI example star wars UI example
star wars UI example star wars UI example star wars UI example
star wars UI example star wars UI example star wars UI example
star wars UI example star wars UI example star wars UI example


while watching Chef's Table, Francis Mallmann captivated me. To celebrate his work I created a menu and logo inspired by his episode.


Restaurnt Branding Menu Design Print Design Gold Foil



The menu utilizes a cylindrical form. This shape echoes the logs Mallmann uses in his cooking. The menus nestle within each other, representing tree rings, allowing a unique experience for the customer.


I chose Reforma because like Mallmann it comes from Argentina. Designed in 1918, it was then refined over the decades. This acknowledgement of the past and effort to fit a modern context mirror Mallmann's cooking style.


Mallmann's connection to nature is one of his most prominent traits. To incorporate nature a cross section of a tree hold's the menu and is to be placed on the table, waiting to welcome the customer as they are seated.


Mallmann above all is a master chef. With his unique approach to food comes the highest quality of dining. The gold leaf represents the silhouette of the Argentinian mountains, warmth of a roaring fire, and quality of his food.


The menus were printed on a thick watercolor paper stock. It was then soaked in water and curled into itself. After drying gold leaf was applied.


Menu as it is presented on the table
Menu seperated out showing the parts
Dinner menu
Dessert Menu

Sketches & Process

Soaking paper


is an experimental installation work, meets performance piece, intended for Instagram Live. It's a reflection on the impact social media has on our mental health, the standards we put on ourselves, as well as those struggling due to social media.


Interactive Design Performance Art P5.js Web Design Video Feed



If you have contemplated or struggle with self harm, please reach out to The Crisis Text Line now.


The work, as viewed, is a live streamed video feed of a monitor that contains a white background and a black symbol. The symbol slowly descends as the background gets darker, revealing a paragraph of text, and eventually engulfs the symbol. If the viewer hits the like button, the symbol and background reset.


The setup, as seen in the photographs and video, consists of an Iphone hosting an Instagram Live that is streaming a screen with a website displayed. The website has a webcam pointed at the Iphone. The webcam actively monitors the phone for the hearts that appear when a user "likes" the event. The website was built utilizing the javascript library P5.js


Edit 5-11-22:
Ran a second stream, with minor text styling making the word "LIKED" stand out. This was in an attempt to act as a queue. One person liked the stream resetting the setup, but I do not believe it was anything more than a follower jumping in and liking before they left. One viewer mentioned he thought it to be a social experiment, but didn't know what was happening.

Edit 10-24-22:
I took a break from the project to think about how to encourage participation. What I am going to try next is a green pixilated smiley face that turns into a grey frown. The art is referencing both the "face" from Nickelodeon and NeoPets. The face will also share speech bubbles as if interacting with the audience.


A behind the scenes photo of an iphone and webcam setup


behind the scenes photo of iphone pointed at monitor behind the scenes photo of small target
Revelation lock up with snake being stabbed

Next Step

Revelation lock up with snake being stabbed


is an exploration of layout, illustration, and motion. It is also an exploration of the emotions we have all felt during this pandemic. It began when I was learning how to cope with Covid Lockdown in April 2020. Over a year later, as of when writing this, so many of these tongue in cheek jokes still apply.


Interactive Design Performance Art P5.js Web Design Video Feed



Some images were made using Cinema 4D and After Effects, others were created with Illustrator and Photoshop.


This series was one of the major installations in my solo show What's Left? at Doane University and was printed within a zine that was given to guests who attended the show.


Wheat Paste wall
Close up of Wheat Paste wall
Close up of Wheat Paste wall
2 Covid Posters
2 Covid Posters
2 Covid Posters
2 Covid Posters
2 Covid Posters
2 Covid Posters
2 Covid Posters
2 Covid Posters
2 Covid Posters
Wheat Paste wall


is the most recognizable client I have. I have been designing shirts for them, through Bravado, for the past few years.


Merch Design Tshirts Illustrations Motorcycles




Designing Tshirts

As with branding, Tshirts need to be both iconic and instantly recognizable, while working in as few colors as possible. With this type of work I often start with only black and white, adding color as a last accent step.


Man on motorcycle wearing a shirt with a skeleton hand holding a piston.
Graphic inspired by antique guilded signs Forward facing skull with ribbons curved above it Arrowhead crest that says Free Spirit Full color Bike chain circle with ribbons flowing in and out of it.
girl wearing neon eagle shirt
Full Color Spikey badge with Harley shield in the center Full Color Gear badge with Harley-Davidson across the center Full Color Dimensional Gear with Harley-Davidson across the center Full Color Harley-Davidson rustic sign
Full color Line crest with fire and flowing type Stunt bike inspired graphic Skate punk inspired graphic Jukebox inspired graphic with skull
man wearing green graphic tee
Full Color Circular text based graphic Pendant that is surrounded by cursive writing vintage oil can on yellow green color

Mono Color

Skeleton hand holding piston graphic Vintage oil can inspired graphic Harley-Davidson rustic sign Circular text based graphic
Spikey badge with Harley shield in the center Bike chain circle with ribbons flowing in and out of it. Screaming skull with dimensional type Line crest with fire and flowing type
Gear badge with Harley-Davidson across the center Dimensional Gear with Harley-Davidson across the center Skull with crossed wrenches behind it vintage oil can


is a unique clothing brand out of Orlando, Florida. Their products are based on delicious sandwiches and the people who eat them. The original branding was created by LainLee III, but I have since created many marketing tools, t-shirt designs, and printed collateral.

Deli Fresh Threads is one of my longest running and most fun clients to work with. The owner has a well-focused mission and comes to me with some of the most creative ideas.


Tshirts Merch Deisgn Business Consultant Marketing Accessories


Deli Fresh Threads



Anthony of Deli Fresh Threads first came to me because of my experience working with screen printers and my history of merch design. Having worked with Anthony of Deli Fresh Threads for many years now we have helped the brand grow in the way he runs events and sells wholesale. In addition to strategy and tshirt design, the work has included banners, postcards, and other tools to help spread the brand.


Working with Noble Folk Design has been great. They take the time to listen to what our needs are and produce quality work. They provide insight and use their years of design experience and knowledge to make sure you get the perfect design. I have used them to design my various business needs from postcards, banners, posters, and T-Shirts. You can’t go wrong with their work. I recommend and will be using them for future business design needs.


Man and woman in graveyard
Support Your Local Sandwich Shop graphic Woman wearing support local shirt
Support Local animation
Man wearing Pub's Chicken Tenders shirt Pub's Chicken Tenders graphic
Man wearing Star Wars Parody shirt Star Wars Parody Graphic
Skeleton holding lunch bag graphic Christmas sub graphic Orlando city of sandwiches graphic
group wearing orlando shirts


is an expression of my love of the films, the books, the games, and now the show that make up the Lord Of The Rings experience. Here is my fan project, a map so you too can Tour Middle Earth!


Map Lord of the Rings Middle Earth Illustrations Print Design



The map can fold up into a little booklet that could fit in a glove box, like those great road trip maps of the 60s & 70s

Location Illustrations

On the back of the map I listed out details of many of the locations, each with a unique illustration.


Folded paper map of Middle Earth

The Map

Map of Middle Earth

The Cover

Cover for folded map

The Location Illustrations

Illustration of Argonath
Illustration of Minas Tirith
Illustration of Edoras
Illustration of the Shire
Illustration of Mount Doom
Illustration of Rivendell


Phone wallpaper of trees pattern
Phone mockup showing wallpapers
Phone wallpaper of trees pattern and Tour Middle Earth logo

My Workbook

at its core is a metaphor reflecting on how it felt visiting the new Whitney in New York City.


Interactive Design User Experience Metaphorss Gallery Portfolio


My Egypt



Each floor of the Whitney is an amazing experience. You enter a large open room, overwhelmed by the caliber of work filling the space. When your eyes lock onto a single piece of work, you approach it.

My homepage recreates how they presented their art and presents my work in a large open space.

Project Detail

After you approach a work in the Whitney, all other works disappear as your eyes absorb the details. For me this piece was My Egypt by Charles Demuth.

Once you click on one of my works all the other pieces disappear, allowing you to focus on the details of the project.

Project Info

If the artwork impacts you, you can move away from the work and read the Object Description.

If my work captures your attention, you can read about the project's details by clicking the Project Info button.


To create a unique experience my website offers a cursor that interacts with the colors and grows when you pass over an interactive element. The site can also be experienced in three different modes. There is a dark mode, light mode, and party mode. The party mode generates a random color for the background. The modes all effect how the work throughout the website is presented. Clicking these modes will also generate the hex value in the footer. If you love a particular color you can copy it to your clipboard by clicking the icon.

My Workbook

Start by clicking on the Project Info above and reading about all that went into this website.

Cursor Effect

Picture showing default cursor setting
Picture showing hover cursor setting

Display Modes

Example of color mode
Example of color mode
Example of dark mode
Example of dark mode
Example of light mode
Example of light mode