Harley-Davidson is easily one of the most recognizable names I have partnered with. Working with a brand like this brings in the challenge of infusing my aesthetics into their established look.

The Process

Working with a big name doesn’t change the process much, at least not until I hear things like, “We just printed four-thousand of those.” The entire process begins with an e-mail where I am sent images and written descriptions for shirts they are thinking about producing. Once I fully understand their needs I then begin drafting a concept board. This typically contains a half-dozen ideas or more so they can take a look and decide what fits their strategy best. I’ll then take the ideas they like and further push them into final designs and after sign off get them ready for screen printing.

I like this process for a few reasons. The first it keeps my partners close to the project and gives them the ability to sign off on each phase. Another reason I like it is because with rapid iterations we often uncover ideas that may have not been thought of. By producing a multitude of ideas it allows everyone to look and rethink the direction we are headed in and maybe even select more than one design to develop to completion.
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