Emergence has programs that range from substance recovery, therapy, to food drives we can see great change coming from their open doors. Their location in Totowa, New Jersey allows easy access to areas needing help like Paterson. My work for them includes a wide variety of mediums and topics, with only a small segment being represented here.


Branding for Emergence is unlike any other company or brand we work with. I’m almost always creating logos for a one day event or series of events that will only be used for a handful of months. This requires systems that are not just instantly relatable, but also attention grabbing.


Shirts, posters, printed collateral, and so much more. Print is not dead and I believe the impact of a physical item still holds power.


One of my favorite things to do with Emergence is work on their large format installations. I work with them from concept to creation. The Elijah/Elisha consisted of hundreds of cut pieces of paper stuck to the wall with thousands of pins.
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