Dead FLesh CO

Dead Flesh CØ, was started in 2010 as a passion project. In 2014 it pivoted to a mission-focused brand that has since used all of its profits to impact local non-profits focused on their local communities. Through it, I have been able to donate thousands of dollars to groups like New City Kids and Solid Foundation.

Throughout the years Dead Flesh CØ sold at multiple Warp Tours and other festivals. It was even featured in Alternate Press magazine.

Though personal projects like this aren’t normally financially beneficial it has allowed me to impact my local community. It also allowed the time to create work that meant something to me personally and spread a personal message through my designs. Most importantly I hope it inspired others to give to their community.

Here is one of the many reviews I received in our online shop.

“You guys do so much good for the world in which we live, Keep on keeping on you dogooders! Thanks and adios.”

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